Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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Little Jayden's shoot

Jayden came along with his mum and dad (Justine and Mark) for a fun filled hour in Commonwealth Park.

Well, I think we had more fun as we all tried every trick in the book to have him look or stay where we wanted him too.

He was fantastic though. He was facinated with the grass and twigs, so that kept him in the one spot. We only had to stop him eating everything!!!

Hope you like the shots - some are a little 'different".

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bianca and Colin's Wedding

Wow, what a great job I have!

On 20 October, I was lucky enough to share Bianca and Colin's wedding day.

Once again, another fine day in sunny Canberra allowed for a fantastic ceremony at St. Johns and then a relaxed shoot at some of Canberra's beautiful locations. Colin loves fishing, so we managed to dangle a line although Bianca needed a few tips!

At the National Museum, we even had a bus load of tourists wanting to be in the photos!!

We even treated the guests to a slide show of the shots we had taken that day - they loved it!!!

Friday wedding in Canberra - 19 October 2007

On another warm Canberra day, Kristen met with Tim for some shots before the ceremony and then it was off to The Chapel at Gold Creek for a wonderful service and then a short walk across the road to the reception venue.

We had a ball on the shoot! Tried a lot of new things and then did some imaginary drawing on the walls for something different (note - it isn't real paint!!)

National Park Wedding!

It was off to Bundanoon (not far from Bowral) for a wedding in the Moreton National Park. It was here that Jodi and Robert were married in the most amazing landscape - right on top of a cliff!

The weather was perfect as the wedding took place in one of Australias most beautiful spots, followed by some photos in the surrounding bush and local towns.

The Southern Highlands area is a fantastic place to have a wedding.

Monday, October 8, 2007

John and Bernadette's day

And what a day it was.

On 6 October 2007, the were married at St Christopher's Church in Manuka.

My assistant, Maggie, did a fantastic job covering the boys, whilst I had the absolute pleasure of looking after the girls as they made themselves ready for the day.
After the ceremony, we visited the heart of Civic and - wow!!! - did we end up with some amazing shots - have to go there again!!!!

That night, every was up dancing and dancing and dancing at the Boathouse restaurant and both of their parents were pleasantly surprised when we presented them with a framed print of them on the Merry Go Round.

Here are some of the pictures - hope you like em!!

Nara Park on 5 October 2007

That's where we were. Another windy, but sunny day for Michelle and Paul to tie the knot on the edge of the lake.

With their two boys helping with the rings, Michelle braved the cool breeze as she said 'I do" to Paul. Their family and friends cheered when they kissed and then smothered them with hugs (to help keep Michelle warm as well as to congratulate her!).

We did some shots at Nara Park, before heading off to the Govenor General's Driveway for a few more photos before the light disappeared.

It Happened on 29 September 2007!!!!

That was the day that Rebecca and Rohan were married at the Catholic church in Hall. Another beautiful sunny day that was made interesting by the 200kph winds!!!! Well, strong winds anyway! After the ceremony, we used Rebecca's dad's (Gary) ute for some photos before heading into town for a photo shoot at the National Museum and Old Canberra House

During the reception, the guests were amazed when we put on a slide show of the photos we had taken that day - every one was impressed!!!

We had a fantastic meal at the Gold Creek Tourist Resort and left them to the dancing in the wee small hours!!