Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meagan and Dave - September 09

Yes, the same cold and wet weekend but it didn't slow us down and definitely didn't slow Meagan and Dave down as they actually danced their way out of the Chapel. It was a bit cool for the girls so we visited the Hyatt Hotel and utilised the amazing light. We even tried some crazy things to warm up a bit.

Kirra and Ben's Wedding - September 09

Not only did it rain, but it was freezing. Kirra and Ben's bridal party were very easy going and helped us get some fun and relaxed photos before the ceremony. As soon as we were in the Chapel at Gold Creek it started to rain (again) but we did the group photo and all the family photos in there so everyone was nice and warm. After a quick photo session we headed off to Functions at Federation for some more shots out on the deck.

Renee and Chris - September 09

We had an amazing day. After a fantstic ceremony at St Johns church in Reid, we took off to the Railway Museum to have some fun with the trains. The it was over to the National Museum to take advantage of the warm sun before visiting the lake area for the spectacular clouds. Renee and Chris' bridal party were good sports as we didn't tell them they woud star in the slide show that night! Some funny photos were shown.