Monday, June 22, 2009

Lauren and Brendan (and Harry) - 2 May 09

I photographed little Harry just after he was born and have been looking forward to his mum and dad's wedding. It was such a pleasure to photograph this wonderful family and be a part of their wedding day. We even managed photos of Brendan's new toy - the Ducati!!! Well done guys!

Caterina and Joe

Big big wedding and a most amazing day for the very beautiful Caterina and her very lucky husband, Joe. We had some fun doing some different photos and could have kept going for ages if we had more light! But what a wonderful day for them.

Kellie and Trevor - 12 Apr 09

Don't you just love the warm Autumn Canberra days? We started at the Chapel in Gold Creek and then drove up to the ruins at Mt Stromlo before wandering around the buildings out near the airport. Some great places to get some amazing photos.