Wednesday, July 8, 2009

National Awards - Master Photographer

How exciting!!! Well, I am excited. In the recent AIPP Photographic Awards I managed to obtain 2 silver awards which when combined with my past achievements has allowed me to achieve the status of Master Photographer. Here are the 4 prints that were entered.

Helen and Michael - Pregnancy Shoot

Our goal was to do some different shots so many thanks to Helen and Michael for letting us (Julie came with me - new Chapel shooter) try all sorts of things - we all had a great time and I am looking forward to the birth of their baby for the next most important part!!

Anita and Clint - Take 2

A few weeks ago (maybe 4), Anita and Clint volunteered to come out with some of the Chapel Photographers for a fun afternoon of shooting. We had a fantastic time and everyone took some amazing photos. Thankyou so much Anita and Clint

A baby shoot - Toby

Toby was amazing! He is still learning to sit up and was quite happy to be plonked all over the place - a very happy little boy. His cousin dropped in so we managed to get some great shots of the two of them.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jennifer and Ben (Michael) June 2009

What a fun wedding!! The girls braved the cold and we wandered down to the lake to get some amazing shots before the sun quickly disappeared. Joe and his lovely wife (the bridal cars) kept us all warm with hot coffee, tea and yummy biscuits before we joined the guests at the Boat House Restaurant.