Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kellie and Ryan - Narooma Golf Course

Narooma is an amazing place to have a wedding. The weather was fantastic with some stormy clouds floating around later in the day. Kellie and Ryan's boys were so cute in their little suits and were a bit bewildered by all the people paying them heaps of attention during the day. It was a day of firsts, I had the most mums and dads ever in a family photo!! And Kellie and Ryan's wedding was made even more special as a whale decided to do back flips during the ceremony - Kellie was very excited. You can see the whale (small) in one of the photos.
We had great fun down on the beach and then over at the fish and chip shop for some muck around photos there and on the play equipment.

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Musica said...

Those are great pictures. The bright is amazing.